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Big Hot Alphas: Books 4-6

Big Hot Alphas: Books 4-6

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124 page ebook

This bundle includes ebooks 4-6 of the bestselling series Big Hot Alphas, which features heroes who are big in every sense of the word and heroines who are curvy sweetie pies.
Spoiler alert: each of these couples are in store for a heart-melting happy ending.
*Bonus epilogue for River also included!*

CASH (Book 4)
Dani was my first kiss.
My first love.
My first and only heartbreak.
A decade later, there’s a part of me that still hasn’t gotten over her.
So when a chance encounter brings us together again, I know I’m not losing her a second time.
Even when the unimaginable happens.

HOLT (Book 5)
Felicity is perfect for me in every way except for one:
She’s my best friend’s little sister.
As in forbidden. As in off-limits. As in not a damn option.
Problem is, the more we try to stay away from each other...
...the more fate pushes us back together.
There’s only so many times we can resist.
And as soon as her sweet lips touch mine, I know nothing’s ever going to be the same again.

RIVER (Book 6 + Bonus epilogue!)
The instant I lay my eyes on Leah, I know she’s my destiny.
The heated sparks between us are palpable.
Then we discover the truth about each other, and our worlds are turned upside down.
But no matter how crazy this all is, I know we’re meant to be together.
Now it’s up to me to make Leah see it, too.

Grab your copy of this Big Hot Alphas ebook bundle today!

Tropes in this book

- Big alpha males
- Curvy heroines
- Instalove

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Customer Reviews

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Second helping of Big Hot Alphas for dessert

Big Hot Alphas Books 4-6 box set contains the 3 books in the series - Cash, Hot and River. Each of these stories is about a different couple and a different situation but they are all fun and entertaining.

I have already reviewed each of these books so I am not going to repost my reviews here, as you can read them if you want to. Each of the short stories is well written, fun, sexy, and sweet along with has some drama, angst, a lot of romance and sizzling hot chemistry. The story-lines are all engaging and the characters are wonderful. A fantastic box set which will make your Kindle smoke and put a big smile on your face.

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