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Boo in the Night

Boo in the Night

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38 page ebook

I’ve had a crush on Damien since the beginning of the semester, but I’ve never been able to work up the nerve to talk to him.
He’s way too hot and too cool to be interested in a shy, curvy girl like me.
But then he tells me he hopes to see me at the haunted house party tonight—a party I wasn’t planning on going to.
So I show up, my heart filled with hope. Maybe tonight will finally be the night we make a real connection?
But before I can find Damien, I end up locked inside a weird room in this stupid haunted house.
Great. Now I’m single
and trapped.
If only I was trapped here with him…

This book was originally published as part of Hot Halloween Nights, a multi-author romance series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone!

Tropes in this book

- Alpha male
- Curvy heroine
- College romance

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Super cute and short Halloween story

We've got 2 college age adults secretly crushing on each other who get locked together in a run during a Halloween party. Boo in the night is cute, steamy, and low angst. No cheating, no cliffhanger, standalone, happily ever after ending.

Kimberly Roseborough
Loved it!!

This was a really cute read. I absolutely loved it! I highly recommend this book.

They might never have gotten together without a little ghostly help.

Marnie is a shy and quiet college student who has had a crush on one of her fellow students, Damien since the start of the semester. She is shocked when he comes to the coffee bar and recognizes her. He chats with her and even suggests she should go to the Halloween party that night. Even though Marnie likes Damien, she has no desire to go to a party. However her roommate begs her to go with her to the party and helps her with a costume. The party is a mob scene and Marnie quickly loses her roommate. When she enters a room that she thought he friend go in, she finds herself mysteriously locked in.

Damien is at the Halloween party hoping to see Marnie. When he spots her, he tries to follow her but he ends up locked in a room. Then he hears Marnie yelling for help. Somehow he is locked in the room next door to her. After some searching they find a secret passage way so now they are locked together. Is this the chance they always needed?

Who knew a haunted house was the perfect matchmaker?

It would seem that these two struggles to admit that they were attracted to each other. Apparently it took the matchmaking of a spooky haunted house to get it out of them. This is a Halloween party they are not likely to forget. Fun, fast read that will leave you with all the good feels!

Adding more than a little Boo in her Night

Boo in the Night by Kate Hunt is the seventh book in the multi-author Hot Halloween Nights series. This is the story of Damien and Marnie.
Both Damien and Marnie is in their senior year of university. But their worlds are very different. He is the staring quarterback for the football team. She is a quiet and introverted curvy fine arts major. But they may just have more in common than they initially think and that includes having crushes on each other. For Marnie her crush started years earlier but Damien has caught up to her after seeing her on the first day of the current semester when she walked into a class they are both taking. It has been a couple of months now and Damien is finally getting up the courage to talk to Marnie, while ordering a coffee at the on campus coffee house that she works at. Once Marnie closes her mouth she realizes that he is asking her if she is going to the big Halloween party that night. As Marnie is not really into Halloween she basically says no but has some second thoughts when Damien suggests that he might want to. When her roommate drags her along to the party Marnie may not be willing to promise to have a good time but that will all change before the end of the night. Let's just say that the spirits work in mysterious ways on Halloween night between these two. Once they are brought together it will be up to them to decide just what they do.

This is a fun and engaging story from the beginning to the end. I was kept wondering just what was going to happen next throughout. It is well written, has a solid and entertaining story-line and wonderfully sweet and likeable characters. Plus Marnie's roommate and best friend Laken had me laughing with her antics. This was a really enjoyable book and I would recommend it to add a little Boo in your Night.

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