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CASH (Big Hot Alphas 4)

CASH (Big Hot Alphas 4)

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41 page ebook

Dani was my first kiss.
My first love.
My first and only heartbreak.
A decade later, there’s a part of me that still hasn’t gotten over her.
So when a chance encounter brings us together again, I know I’m not losing her a second time.
Even when the unimaginable happens.

Dear Reader,
He's a big hot alpha. She's a curvy sweetie pie. And the two of them are in store for a heart-melting happy ending. This short instalove romance can be read as a standalone, but why stop at just one? More Big Hot Alphas are waiting!

Tropes in this book

- Big alpha male
- Curvy heroine
- Second chance
- Instalove

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WARNING: Kate Hunt books are steamy romances that contain explicit content intended for adults.

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Customer Reviews

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It takes a trip thousands of miles from home for them to rediscover their destiny.....each other!

CASH is the fourth book in the Big Hot Alphas series by Kate Hunt. This is the story of Cash and Dani who were high school sweethearts when they were seventeen. That is until the summer before they were seniors and his father was transferred to San Diego for work so the family moved. It broke both of their hearts but there was no way around it.
It is now ten years later and Cash, his parents and younger sister are on vacation for two weeks in Hawaii. On the way from renting jet skis and walking to dinner Cash looks out at the beach and sees the back of a curvaceous woman putting on a pair of shorts. He is immediately drawn to her not knowing why. But when she turns around and looks up he thinks he recognizes her so he tells his family to go on to dinner ahead of him and he walks towards what may just be his destiny.
Dani is on vacation in Hawaii by herself. As she is packing up to leave the beach she spots a man that starts walking towards her. She knows he is coming to her but she does not get the sense that she should be scared. As she looks up she is shocked that she recognizes the face, and what a body it is attached to.
Cash and Dani reconnect joining his family for dinner night and then they go to a tiki bar afterwards to talk. The next day they go on a hike in the lave field, just the two of them and then once again meet his family for dinner. Afterwards when Cash walks Dani back to her hotel room things get heated between them and they end up hotter than a lava field and doing things that their teenage selves had never even dreamed of. The next morning it is more indoor sports until he has to leave to meet his family for another excursion. Dani decides to go to the beach by herself and takes a swim in the ocean. But she gets caught in a rip current and is not able to make it back to shore eventually being pulled under the water as she is exhausted.
Cash receives a phone call from a hospital as his number was the last call made on Dani's phone. He hears that she is at the hospital and is unconscious. So his Dad turns the car around and they all go to see her. Cash will not leave her side as she remain unconscious, even when his family has to return to San Diego a few days later. He continues to stay beside her in hopes that she will wake up, after all he is not letting go of her ever again.
Will Dani wake up? Will Cash and Dani get their second chance?

This is a sweet second chance story that has some drama, some teenage angst, some adult angst, some romance, some fun and some good hot and sizzling chemistry. It is well written with a very engaging story-line and wonderful characters, including his family. I really enjoyed reading Cash and recommend it to other readers.

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