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Claiming Her Heart (The Complete Collection)

Claiming Her Heart (The Complete Collection)

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253 page ebook

This bundle includes all 3 ebooks of Claiming Her Heart, a series of fun short romances packed with lots of heat and lots of sweet. If you love protective men, curvy heroines, and guaranteed happily ever afters, this series is for you!

Love is the last thing on my mind the night I meet Jade.
But with that beautiful smile and those endless curves, she’s got me instantly smitten.
Every fiber in my being wants to claim her.
Cherish her.
Make her mine forever.
But before that can happen, I need to be completely honest with her.
And that’s damn hard to do when you’ve promised to keep something a secret.

After spending my teenage years in the spotlight and my twenties dealing with the aftereffects of fame, I’ve finally found solace in the simple life.
I may lead a modest life now as a carpenter, but I’ve got all I need.
Then I meet Isla, a vivacious beauty with curves for days, and I’m no longer satisfied.
Life might throw us some curveballs, but I know we’re meant to be.
And I’m going to do whatever it takes to make her mine.

MAN CANDY (Book 3)
I might be the CEO of a confectionery company, but sweet isn’t a word anyone would use to describe me.
Then Alicia walks her fine curves into the office, and all I want to do is speak sweet nothings to her.
This isn’t just some stupid crush. She moves me in a way I’ve never been moved before. She makes me want to get down on bended knee.
I know it’s wrong. She’s my assistant.
She’s also more than a decade younger than me.
But if the temptations don’t stop soon, my resolve is going to shatter.

Grab your copy of this sweet & steamy romance ebook bundle today!

Tropes in this book

- Alpha males
- Curvy heroines
- Instalove

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great series!

This is book number 1 of the Claiming Her Heart series and focuses on Duncan and Jade. Duncan meets Jade at the hospital waiting room while he is there with his brother and she is with her friend. They really hit it off and fall hard for each other quickly. I love how protective and supportive Duncan is when it comes to his brother and how Jade really stepped up for his brother when he desperately needed it. This was such a great story and a great introduction to the series.

This is book number 2 of the Claiming Her Heart series and focuses on Sean and Isla. We met Isla in Protector (book number 1 of the series). She is Jade’s best friend and works in marketing. It was actually her job that eventually led to Duncan and Jade first meeting. While watching Ava, Duncan and Jade’s daughter, she accidentally broke a family heirloom and is in desperate need to repair it. Sean is a former actor who grew up in the limelight but now owns his own carpentry business. When they first meet, they immediately feel a connection to each other and both know that there is something special about each other. They both end up falling hard and fast for each other. I loved everything about Sean and Isla together! They were exactly what the other needed in life, even if they didn’t know it before they met. This was a great story and a great addition to the series.

Man Candy
This is book number 3 of the Claiming Her Heart series and focuses on Brett and Alicia. Alicia has been working at Sweet Cheeks in multiple different capacities for 10 years before landing an executive assistant to the CEO position. As excited she was for the position, she couldn’t help but be completely nervous to branch out of her comfort zone. Brett and Alicia have an instant attraction and it doesn’t take long for them to fall for each other. I loved them together! This was a great story and a great conclusion to the story.

Great Collection

Jade gets a call from her friend that she needs a ride to the emergency room. So Jade rushes to her friend's place without even changing from her pajamas and gets her to the hospital. While in the waiting room she sees a sexy man and starts looking at him out of the corner of her eye. When they both get caught staring at each other they introduce themselves and learn they are waiting for other people. She tells Duncan about her life and where she works but they are interrupted when he needs to go see to his brother. When she is at work she never expected to see Duncan but is happy to see him. Duncan couldn't stop thinking about Jade so he went to find her at her work. They started dating and she unintentionally learns what's wrong with his brother. Will they be able to be together with how sick his brother is? Can Jade show Duncan she can be a support to them?

Sean is a former actor turned carpenter. Isla is in marketing and is great at her job. When she breaks a priceless piece of furniture her friends recommend Sean services. Sparks fly between them and Sean wants to know more about Isla. So he asks her at and things progress quickly between them. When his business is in jeopardy of closing Isla steps in to help him by creating a pop up store of his designs. Will they see that they are perfect for each other? Or will the tabloids come between them?

Man Candy
Alicia is just starting her new job that she's been promoted to when things just don't go her way. She is the executive assistant to the CEO Brett and she gets coffee on his schedule makes some changes to how things go in the office. Brett is used to how he likes his office to run and Alicia is making him crazy with the little things she's doing. Sparks fly between them even as they try hard to remain professional. When they go to a work function together after hours things get heated between them. Will Brett see that she is the woman for him? Can they have a future together?

This is an amazing collection that will captivate you from beginning to end. This is a well written and very entertaining collection. I would recommend this book to any book lover.

Claiming Her Heart Box Set - Books 1-3....These books will melt your heart

Claiming Her Heart: The Complete Collection contains the 3 novellas -
1. Protector
2. Heartthrob
3. Man Candy

This is a great box set of the Claiming Her Heart series. Each book is well written, has an interesting and engaging story-line and lovable characters. I have already read and reviewed these books so I am not going to rewrite those reviews here, as you can read them if you want to. I did really love each of these books so much that I bought the box set to add to my ever growing library of Kate Hunt books. I will be rereading these again and again. This box set is a Recommend Read!

Becky Grove
Fun box set of insta-love romances

I really enjoy insta-love romances. I enjoy reading about an older experienced man who will do anything to get the younger inexperienced woman to be his. He is turned up-side down and inside-out by his girl but she seems to make in a much better person at the end. This box set has three stories Kate Hunt that are both steamy and sweet. Whether its a business man falling for a ring toss game worker or a former TV star falling a sex toy saleperson or lastly a candy clerk falling for the CEO, the love is fast and deep and always has a happy ending.

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