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Dream Daddy

Dream Daddy

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48 page ebook

I came to this quiet little rental cottage to hunker down and finish working on a novel that’s due to my publisher in a week.
It’s the perfectly relaxing getaway, complete with beautiful fields and fairytale-esque apple trees…
…which, naturally, I climb up and promptly fall off of.
When I come to, I’ve apparently died and gone to heaven, by the look of the handsome older man standing over me.
Caleb is a strawberry farmer, a single dad to three adorable girls…and the man of my dreams.
But as swoon-worthy as our connection might be, I know it’s all just temporary.
There’s no way Caleb and I can actually have a relationship in the real world…
…can we?

Dear Reader,
In the mood for a hot single dad? I've got you covered! This short & steamy instalove romance will satisfy all your DILF cravings ;)
This book was originally published as part of A DILF For Father's Day, a multi-author romance series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone!

Tropes in this book

- Sexy single dad
- Alpha male
- Age gap

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sarah Tester

Dream Daddy

Loved It

Adrienne came to the cottage because she was having trouble finishing her book. Caleb is a single father of three girls and a farmer of a strawberry farmer. Caleb and his daughter's find Adrienne on the ground from a fall. He carries her back to the cottage and sparks fly between them. His daughters enchanted her by drawing her into their creative world. Will they see that they have something serious before its too late?

This is a great story once I started it I couldn't put it down. The chemistry between them sizzles with each turn of the page. This is a well written and very entertaining story. I would recommend this book to any book lover.

I love the smell of strawberries in the morning

Dream Daddy by Kate Hunt is the second book in the A DILF For Father's Day series with each book by a different author. This is the story of Adrienne and Caleb.
Adrienne is twenty-six years old and is realizing her dream of becoming a published writer. But at the last minute the publisher has requested some rewrites and given her two weeks to get them done. When nothing is working the first week her editor books her a week away in northern California in the country at a beautiful cottage. But even the change of scenery does not unblock her writers block. It is a good thing the cottage is on property as with some fruit trees out back she decides to make an apple pie. Right idea but wrong decision as she ends up falling out of an apple tree and knocking herself out along with hurting her leg.
Caleb a strawberry farmer who is also the single father of three beautiful girls, Lydia, Kayla and Jane. His wife passed when Lydia was an infant, Kayla was in diapers and Jane was still young. Since then the girls have been his life along with the farm and now Jane is a teenager and the other two are still young. When the girls tell Caleb that there is an injured woman under one of the apple trees in the orchard he thinks they are pulling a prank until he actually sees her. It turns out that Caleb owns the cottage and rents it out.
Caleb and the girls help Adrienne to the cottage and then get her settled, with nothing broken but just badly bruised up she is going to be okay. But maybe not as there is an immediate pull between Caleb and Adrienne which results in some time between the sheets that unblocks the creative juices for her writing. She leaves the next day without saying goodbye, just leaving a lovely note for Caleb.
Will they ever see each other again? Will they let each other get away? Well it wouldn't be much of a romance if they didn't get their HEA and it is a wonderfully sweet one at that.
Kate Hunt has written a sweet, tender, funny, entertaining, delightful and dirty sexy short story. This was an enjoyable book and a recommend read.

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