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Getting Gabe (Dirty Sweet Alphas 2)

Getting Gabe (Dirty Sweet Alphas 2)

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36 page ebook

When a friend and I go to a speed dating event, I don’t expect much out of the evening. People don’t actually meet their soulmates this way, do they?
Then a hot-as-hell man sits down across from me, and I’m instantly smitten with him. I feel like I’m dreaming when Gabe and I ditch the speed date to go on a
real one.
As our first date comes to an end, I’m already fantasizing about our future.
But the next evening, our paths cross again in a way that leaves me mortified. This isn’t going to work, is it?

I’m surprised when Marisa shows up at my office with the night cleaning crew. But I don’t judge her for it. I’m still just as taken with her as I was when we met last night.
She’s got the biggest heart and the most luscious curves—and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been daydreaming about making her my bride.
After our run-in, though, Marisa is convinced we’re too different from each other. But I know we’re destined to be together. So now it’s up to me to show her that she belongs by my side, and that I belong by hers.

GETTING GABE is a short instalove romance with steam, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after! This book can be read as a standalone, but is best enjoyed with the rest of the Dirty Sweet Alphas series.

Tropes in this book

- Big alpha male
- Curvy heroine
- Instalove

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Customer Reviews

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Gabe and Marisa

This is book number 2 of the Dirty Sweet Alphas series and focuses on Gabe and Marisa. Marisa is in need of a distraction so she decides to go to a speed dating event. When her second round date up and leaves in the middle of their round, she is shocked to find an incredibly handsome man asking to join her. Gabe was immediately captivated by Marisa’s beauty and kindness at first glance and immediately knew there was something different about her. They end up leaving the speed dating event and going out on a real date. They end up falling for each other but when Marisa runs into Gabe while she is working her part time job, she decides that they are too different and that they would never work. Thankfully, Gabe knows that what they have is special and shows her just how perfect they are together. This was a great story and a great addition to the series.

Gabe has to show Marisa they can be together even if they are different

Marisa is one of four best friends. Now that one of her best friends is engaged, she feels a little lost. For fun she and her single friends decide to try a speed dating event. Her first two dates don't go well with the second leaving in tears. Gabe a stranger comes up and starts talking with her. The sparks fly so hot that he convinces her to leave the event to spend time getting to know one another. Marisa has a lot of fun but she refused to see Gabe again because she feels they are too different. Gabe has to convince her that they belong together.

Gabe gets Marisa

Getting Gabe or it should really be "Getting Marisa" as that is what Gabe actually wants and he goes about getting her any way he can. We were first introduced to Marisa in Craving Cole when she threw a New Years Eve party for her 3 best friends, other friends and had invited her older but very hot next door neighbor Cole over. It was at this party that one of her bf's Aurora met and hooked up with Cole. In this book we find Marisa having to get a part-time job while she is still trying to get her catering business off the ground. She just applied to a number of different jobs and took the first one that called her back. It was as an office cleaner at night and she is to start the next night. So tonight she decides to do something to cheer herself up and hits upon a speed dating event to which she and her other two bf's, Elle and Lindsay, also decide to come along to. Let's just say that Marisa's first two "dates" are hilarious and had me laughing out loud. But all of a sudden a tall and huge man asks "is this seat taken?" and she invites him to join her.
Gabe is the CFO for a restaurant management company and had a meeting with the owner of the bar where the event is being held. As he was walking out from the back office something made him take a look around and his eyes locked on the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen, Marisa. When her "date" all of a sudden up and ran out his legs were moving him across the floor before he even realized it. He has one question for her "Tell me something you've always always wanted to do." When Marisa does he outstretches his hand and invites her to go with him. This man knows how to do some things and he both surprises and elates Marisa. They share a kiss when he drops her off and then talk the next day to set up a date for the following night.
That night, Friday, Gabe is working late and he runs into she is part of the cleaning crew for the office he works at. Marisa is embarrassed even though Gabe tells her he does not care as he is attracted to her and not what she does. Poor Marisa does not believe him but Gabe does not give up It is a good thing Marisa has really good girlfriends who at Sunday brunch basically tell her to get over herself as if he is still trying to get a hold of her and has already told her he does not care about her working as a cleaner then he does not care. It seems she is the only one that actually cares about it. Will Marisa get over it herself and allow Gabe back into her life? What Gabe does to prove he does not care is priceless.
This is an OTT insta-love short story that is sweet and cute, along with having a bit of dirty added in. The characters are fun and flirty and the story-line makes you think. Sometimes we judge ourselves harder than others do and we need to learn to accept what those around us say more. The next book in the series is to be Elle's story. I sure how she finds herself a great guy as that girl seems to have the worst luck sometimes.

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