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Hard As Steel

Hard As Steel

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40 page ebook

When Millie storms into my auto shop, she makes my heart rate shoot into overdrive and the rest of me instantly hard as steel.
gorgeous, fearless, and curvy to boot.
There’s just one little problem.
pissed as hell at me right now.
But I’m going to change her mind about me if it’s the last thing I do.
Sure, these hands of mine might be filthy with axle grease. But I know how to clean up damn well and treat a woman like she’s supposed to be treated.
And I’m not going to be satisfied until Millie and I are driving off into the sunset:
Me in my tux, Millie in her wedding dress, and a little grease monkey on the way.

Dear Reader,
This short instalove romance features an alpha hotter than an overheated engine and a feisty-yet-sweet younger curvy woman. Get ready for steam, sweetness, and a lovey-dovey happy ending!

This book was originally published as part of Hard For Her, a multi-author romance series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone!

Tropes in this book

- Alpha male
- Blue collar hero
- Curvy heroine
- Instalove
- Age gap

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WARNING: Kate Hunt books are steamy romances that contain explicit content intended for adults.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Malini Shivmangal
It was going to happen

Lol, it certainly was! Loved this quick little read! As usual Kate writes a full world story with all the details and yummy times crammed inside. The couple had great chemistry and the plot was fun and sexy! She hated his noise, but soon after they'd be making plenty together! I love the whole set up. The banter between these two was hot but fun at the same time as they got to know one another. Solid writing and great everything. Loved it!

Rex and Millie

This book is part of the Hard For Her series and focuses on Rex and Millie. Millie is a proud business owner but unfortunately for her and her sister, her peaceful bath bomb shop shares a wall with an incredibly loud auto shop next door. After trying to ignore the sounds as best as she can, she finally hits a point and goes next door to confront them. What she doesn’t expect when she goes over there is to meet Rex. Rex fell for Millie at first glance and knows that he needs her in his life so he does what he has to do to get her to fall for him too. This was such a great story!

The axel grease comes off with the help of some bath bombs

Hard As Steel is the first book in the Hard For Her series where each one is by a different author. This is the story of Millie and Rex. Millie is twenty-four years old and co-owns Fizz & Glow, a bath bomb business, with her sister Addison. They started the company after starting to make their own bath bombs and experimenting with different recipes. The business has been doing so well that they have moved from selling on-line only to an actual store front in a great shopping center. Rex is in his late thirties and has built a successful auto shop from only a few hundred dollars, a loan, some equipment and a good crew of guys.
They meet because they share a wall between their shops. Early one morning the body shop is making so much noise that Millie finally has had enough. With a little prodding by Addison she storms into the body shop to give them "what for" and instead is dumbfounded and tongue-tied when she sees Rex. Rex is more than turned on by Millie and promises to keep it down, even as she is trying to give him hell for disturbing her. To apologize Rex shows up with a bunch of flowers at the end of the day in hopes of talking with her. But Millie is not having it, as she is just too perplexed by what she is feeling, and basically shoos him out of the shop locking the door behind him. But Rex is not going to be deterred and a few days later when Millie literally runs into him in the parking lot, body to body, he asks her to join him for dinner which she accepts. He then asks her out on a date which turns into the best night she has ever had, along with a very deliciously hot intermission encounter in a storage room. But when he does not contact her again for several days she is more than upset at him. Let's just say that Rex is going to have to do some grovelling and it will take more than some flowers to get this one sorted out.

This is a sweet, funny, dirty, sexy, entertaining story with some great characters. I really enjoyed this quick read and recommend it to other readers.

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