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Heartthrob (Claiming Her Heart 2)

Heartthrob (Claiming Her Heart 2)

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92 page ebook

After spending my teenage years in the spotlight and my twenties dealing with the aftereffects of fame, I’ve finally found solace in the simple life.
I may lead a modest life now as a carpenter, but I’ve got all I need.
Then I meet Isla, a vivacious beauty with curves for days, and I’m no longer satisfied.
Life might throw us some curveballs, but I know we’re meant to be.
And I’m going to do whatever it takes to make her mine.

Dear Reader,
Ready for a fun, short romance packed with lots of heat and lots of sweet? This instalove romance can be read as a standalone, but it’s even better when enjoyed with the rest of the Claiming Her Heart series. If you love dirty-talking protective alphas, curvy heroines, and guaranteed happily ever afters, this series is for you!

Tropes in this book

- Alpha male
- Curvy heroine
- Age gap
- Instalove

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WARNING: Kate Hunt books are steamy romances that contain explicit content intended for adults.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sean and Isla

This is book number 2 of the Claiming Her Heart series and focuses on Sean and Isla. We met Isla in Protector (book number 1 of the series). She is Jade’s best friend and works in marketing. It was actually her job that eventually led to Duncan and Jade first meeting. While watching Ava, Duncan and Jade’s daughter, she accidentally broke a family heirloom and is in desperate need to repair it. Sean is a former actor who grew up in the limelight but now owns his own carpentry business. When they first meet, they immediately feel a connection to each other and both know that there is something special about each other. They both end up falling hard and fast for each other. I loved everything about Sean and Isla together! They were exactly what the other needed in life, even if they didn’t know it before they met. This was a great story and a great addition to the series.

Great read!!

This was a great,and really sweet read. Isla and Sean are great characters,and I loved both of them. I highly recommend this book.

Great Story

Sean is a former actor turned carpenter. Isla is in marketing and is great at her job. When she breaks a priceless piece of furniture her friends recommend Sean services. Sparks fly between them and Sean wants to know more about Isla. So he asks her at and things progress quickly between them. When his business is in jeopardy of closing Isla steps in to help him by creating a pop up store of his designs. Will they see that they are perfect for each other? Or will the tabloids come between them?

This is an amazing story that once I started it I couldn't put it down. The chemistry between them is blazing hot. This is a well written and very entertaining story. I would recommend this book to any book lover.

A real “Feel-Good” break in your day!

I just love Kate Hunt. She really does a fabulous job of taking you on a journey to love that really is a true “feel-good” adventure. There were a lot of “feels” in this book, but not once, was there ever one of those moments where you felt icky waiting for a cliffhanger or some terrible scenario to unfold. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a boring book and it has many things happening to keep you intrigued, but the feels are deep and forward moving, of that makes any sense. Loved it!!

The caramels give her away

Heartthrob is the second book in the Claiming Her Heart series and is the story of Isla and Sean. This is an older man/younger woman romance, with some insta-lust/love included.
Isla is twenty-six years old and is works in marketing. She is babysitting Ava, playing superheroines of course, when there she gets a little too carried away and proves that Ava is the one with all the superpowers. The result is that her grandmother's hope chest, a very cherished family heirloom ends up getting broken, well more like shattered. But there may be hope as when Jade and Duncan come to pick up Ava they remember that they passed a carpentry shop the other day.
Sean Moore is forty years old and content with his life. Sure there are things that he wishes he could do over, especially since he was a TV star/teenage heartthrob until he drank it all away. But after finally doing rehab he taught himself how to make things with wood. So he took what money he still had and drove north out of LA. He found a nice town, found a warehouse/shop space that also has an apartment upstairs and opened a carpentry business. He wouldn't throw away the chance to find that one special person either and maybe have a family.
Isla takes her broken chest into Sean's shop and it is lightening bolt city between them. Sure Sean can fix the chest but what he really wants to do is nail Isla down and glue her to him forever.

I really loved this story as it grabbed me from the first sentence and I wanted more when I got to the end. This book is well written, has an engaging and charming story-line and genuinely lovable characters. This is a definite Recommended Read!!!

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