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HOLT (Big Hot Alphas 5)

HOLT (Big Hot Alphas 5)

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35 page ebook

Felicity is perfect for me in every way except for one:
She’s my best friend’s little sister.
As in forbidden. As in off-limits. As in not a damn option.
Problem is, the more we try to stay away from each other...
...the more fate pushes us back together.
There’s only so many times we can resist.
And as soon as her sweet lips touch mine, I know nothing’s ever going to be the same again.

Dear Reader,
He's a big hot alpha. She's a curvy sweetie pie. And the two of them are in store for a heart-melting happy ending. This short instalove romance can be read as a standalone, but why stop at just one? More Big Hot Alphas are waiting!

Tropes in this book

- Big alpha male
- Curvy heroine
- Instalove
- Brother's best friend

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Customer Reviews

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He is good with his hands in all sorts of ways

HOLT is the fifth book in the Big Hot Alphas series and boy is he a big, hot and very sexy alpha.
Holt is thirty-three years old and lives in the same town he grew up in. He flips houses for a living doing all the work himself. He likes what he does as it gives him satisfaction in seeing his work transform a house. The only thing that he does not have is a wife and family. One day he receives a text from a number he does not recognize and when he reads it he is surprised but very pleasantly.
Felicity is thirty years old lives in the same town she grew up in. She is Cash's younger sister, his story is in a previous book in the series. Cash is coming home for a visit with his wife Dani and their five year old son Jasper. As it is Cash's birthday Felicity decides to throw him a party and gets in touch with all of his old friends. One of those old friends is Holt.
Holt has had a crush on Felicity since her first laid eyes on her when she and Cash moved to town. But when he and Cash became friends the "bro-code" could not be broken and she was off limits in all ways. What he did not realize was that Felicity had a major crush on him also. But as he never paid her any attention, basically ignoring her completely, Felicity always thought that he did not like her.
When Cash shows up to the party he is early as Felicity had texted the wrong time. But he quickly pitches in helping set things up at her parents house while she gets to admire him. The party is a success and Cash gets a really big present from Dani, something that will be with them for the rest of their lives. Holt leaves without saying goodbye to Felicity so she is left with the same impression, that he does not like her.
A few days later when Cash, Dani and Jasper have left Felicity is grocery shopping when she turns the corner on an aisle and there stands Holt. Their eyes meet and the exchange a few words and a laugh but he quickly leaves her standing there. For him the bro-code is still in effect not matter how much he wants her. But a couple of day later an another encounter in the grocery store has a few truths coming out. Felicity proposes they be friends which Holt agrees to and they set-up a dinner for the next night, as friends of course.
A couple of nights after their "friends" dinner Felicity is awoken in the middle of the night by a sound. It turns out her bathroom is flooding by a broken pipe to the toilet and the water valve will not move to shut off. Who does she phone but of course Holt. He comes to her rescue and once they have things cleaned up the bro-code is about to be as demolished as some walls with a sledgehammer.

This is a sweet, fun and dirty sexy story in all the best ways. Holt and Felicity are perfect together and even though sixteen years has passed since they saw each other their love for each other instantly ignites again. Holt realizes that the "bro-code" that has kept him away from Felicity has really kept him away from the woman that he loves and Colt will have to deal with it, as he is getting Felicity and keeping her. Felicity ends up getting what she always wanted for so long - Holt, a beautiful house and a family on the way.

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