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JACK (Big Hot Alphas 7)

JACK (Big Hot Alphas 7)

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42 page ebook

Hands down, Claire is the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.
We might only be in the same city for a few days, but that’s not going to stop me from pursuing her.
Or falling in damn love with her.
Claire is convinced this is just a one-time thing, but I know the truth.
She and I belong together.
For the rest of time.

Dear Reader,
He's a big hot alpha. She's a curvy sweetie pie. And the two of them are in store for a heart-melting happy ending. This short instalove romance can be read as a standalone, but why stop at just one? More Big Hot Alphas are waiting!

Tropes in this book

- Big alpha male
- Curvy heroine
- Instalove

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WARNING: Kate Hunt books are steamy romances that contain explicit content intended for adults.

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Customer Reviews

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Getting more than the usual conference goodie bag treats this year

JACK is the seventh book in the Big Hot Alphas story and Jack is definitely an understated but still big and hot Alpha.
Claire is attending a teachers convention with her friend and fellow teacher Maya, Claire teaches the second grade and Maya the third grade at the same school. As they are trying to check in and get all of their conference information Maya is scoping out the crowd for any potential hotties. When she spots one she tells Claire to take a look and Claire one man catches her eye.
Jack Goddard is the superintendent of a school district in Portland, Oregon and is attending a teacher conference where he one of the special guests. After he has completed his registration he is chatting with someone when he looks up and his eyes catch on the beautiful woman across the room. He wants to go and talk with her but by the time he is able to she is gone. He only hopes that he sees her again before the conference has ended.
Later that night while Claire, Maya and a group of fellow teachers are out at a local bar having a drink Jack spots her when he goes to the same bar. He is definitely not letting her get away this time and goes right up to introduce himself. Things are going well until a drunk Maya decides she wants to have even more fun but instead ends up dizzy and definitely not steady on her feet. It seems Maya has become a "blocker" for the night. But Jack is not going to let Maya get away quite so easily and tries to find her the next night but sees Maya and not Claire. He does end up finding her later at the rooftop pool, a cure scene, and things get very wet later on after they go for ice cream. But it is only one night, or so Claire perfect and very fun night.
A month later and Claire receives a text from an unknown number which turns out to be Jack. He is coming to town next weekend and wants to take her out for dinner. She accepts and Jack lays it out there for her........he cannot stop thinking of her and wants to know if she would like to explore where they, as a couple, could go. They spend the next day together and Claire tells him that yes she wants to see where this goes between them also. It seems they are about to enter the long distance relationship zone.

This is a sweet, fun, flirty, funny, romantic and deliciously naughty book. It is well written with a solid story-line and delightful characters who you would want as your friends and neighbors. I loved this book and recommend it.

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