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LEON (Big Hot Alphas 12)

LEON (Big Hot Alphas 12)

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42 page ebook

I’m married to the love of my life, and I’m so grateful to have such an amazing husband.
Leon is everything to me.
There’s just one problem: Leon and I both travel all the time for work, and it’s been taking a toll on our marriage.
I’ve been trying to stay positive, but it’s getting more and more difficult.
I don’t think I can keep doing this.
Is our marriage doomed?
Or do we still have a chance to make it?

Dear Reader,
He's a big hot alpha. She's a curvy sweetie pie. And the two of them are in store for a heart-melting happy ending. This short instalove romance can be read as a standalone, but why stop at just one? More Big Hot Alphas are waiting!

Tropes in this book

- Big alpha male
- Curvy heroine

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Christine Bove
Cute and unique romance

I was so intrigued by the plot that I had to read it! And it did not disappoint! I LOVE the romance between a husband and wife. Definitely worth the sweet and spicy read.

Pleasantly surprised and fully entertained.

Married couples are not my favorite thing to read about. In fact when I say ‘not my favorite’, what I mean is I don’t read those romances. Perhaps I like the endorphins involved in the chase? Anyway, I was very pleasantly surprised when Leon and Courtney’s story pulled me in, kept me entertained and still provided plenty of endorphins lol. Definitely a short read worth your time.

Figuring out what you value the most

LEON is the twelfth book in the Big Hot Alphas series and is the story of married couple Courtney and Leon. This is a fast-paced and entertaining story with a lot of emotion in it. Courtney is a flight attendant and Leon works for a property development company. A while ago Leon got a promotion that has meant he is traveling and away for work more often which has put a strain on their marriage. It feels like neither of them are home at the same time and they meet in airports instead. As with most couples things are hard to talk about, just talk and not fight. They each don't want to ask the other to give up with they do as they know the other really likes their jobs. But sometimes things have to change and you have to makes some choices, not matter how hard, if you value your priorities.

I really enjoyed this well written book. The story-line was very engaging and was something different from the usual. The characters are nicely developed and their passion is smoking hot and sexy. For me this book is a RECOMMEND READ!

Mulan Book Princess
Sweet Must-Read Romance

This was such a sweet romance. Leon and Courtney have such a sizzling chemistry together, hot enough to melt your panties off. Their relationship is actually very sweet and they are so adorable together. This novella was cute and entertaining.

I received a free advanced review copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving my fair and honest opinion.

Becky Grove
They were ready for their happily ever after but reality keeps getting in the way.

Courtney and Leon have been deeply in love. They thought getting married meant they would live happily ever after. A few months later they realize that love wasn't as easy as it seemed. Leon got a promotion at work that has been keeping him busy traveling and going to meetings. Courtney's job as a flight attendant kept her traveling too. Recently it seemed that they only spent time together at the airport with one or the other flying away. Phone calls were enough any more. Courtney is wondering if maybe their marriage will not survive. Leon is tired of being away from Courtney.

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