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Loving Liam (Dirty Sweet Alphas 3)

Loving Liam (Dirty Sweet Alphas 3)

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35 page ebook

My niece, Ruby—who I’ve looked after for the past couple of years—is the sweetest kid you’ll ever meet. When I get a plot for the two of us at our local community garden, I’m not surprised when she goes around and befriends the other gardeners…or when she insists on bringing everyone by to meet me.
But there’s one introduction that makes my heart skip a beat: Liam, who is officially the hottest gardener on the planet.
Damn. Too bad I don’t have time to date anyone right now.

Elle is everything I want in a woman—and then some. She’s a curvy knockout, she’s ambitious, and she’s great with kids.
Yep, I’m already imagining us having babies together. Guilty as charged.
Things quickly go from flirty to hot n’ heavy between us. But I can feel her holding back. And then some bad news threatens to derail everything.
But no way in hell am I going to lose her. It’s just not a damn option.

LOVING LIAM is a short instalove romance with steam, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after! This book can be read as a standalone, but is best enjoyed with the rest of the Dirty Sweet Alphas series.

Tropes in this book

- Alpha male
- Curvy heroine
- Instalove

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Customer Reviews

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I love Liam and Elle. They have the cutest meet cute. Ruby is such a doll. Definitely a great story and a wonderful HEA. 👏🏻

Liam and Elle

This is book number 3 of the Dirty Sweet Alphas series and focuses on Liam and Elle. Liam is trying to figure out his next steps after stepping away from his career. He decides getting a plot at the community garden would be a good way to keep him busy. While gardening, he doesn’t expect to meet the woman that knocks him off his feet or her adorable niece Ruby. Elle has had custody of Ruby since her sister and brother in law died in an accident. She has spent the last couple years making sure that her niece is thriving and that has been her number 1 focus. I love how wonderful Liam was with Elle and Ruby. He was hands down the perfect partner in life that Elle needed. This was a great story and a great addition to the series.

Liam is turning his life around and he wants her in it.

Elle is one of four best friends. She is the guardian of her niece after her parents die in an accident. She and her niece Ruby like planting in the community garden. Her niece likes meeting fellow gardeners and bringing them to meet her aunt. When she brings over Liam, Elle is immediately attracted to him. Liam resigned from his job after his company went through a merger. Now he is trying to figure out what to do with his life. When Ruby stops by to chat, he is happy to go visit her aunt. Seeing Elle has him thinking about families.

Planting and watering a garden can grow more than vegetables and flowers

Loving Liam is the story of Elle and Liam, and lets not forget little precocious and friendly Ruby. Liam is a white collar professional who is taking a time out after working through a merger at the company he had worked at and them having a management team that he could not agree with. In order to do some soul searching and do things that he likes he decided to take a plot at the community garden. One day while he is pulling weeds to get the plot ready for planting he hears a young girls voice and when he looks up she says "Hi. My name is Ruby." After the introductions she gets his really good by saying he should come meet her aunt and that she doesn't have a boyfriend. Liam in enchanted by Ruby and ends up meeting her Aunt Elle.
Elle is a buyer at a local department store. She is young but has been Ruby's guardian for several years after her sister and brother in-law were killed in a car accident. All she has time for is work, looking after Ruby and keeping in touch with her friends, who are in the earlier books in the Dirty Sweet Alphas series. Elle had decided that she and Ruby would take a plot in the community garden to grow some vegetables and have some fun together.
When Liam sees Elle he is more than interested in this women with "gorgeous eyes, soft brunette hair and a knockout figure that was threatening to give him a hard-on the size of a sledgehammer." Ruby invites Liam to go to the nursery with them to pick out plants and Liam takes them to lunch beforehand. Let's just say that they hit it off and Liam asks her out on a date. But Elle is not sure and says she has to think about it. But a Sunday morning walk with her three best friends, Aurora, Marisa and Lindsay all have the ladies pushing her to say yes, so she does when she sees him the next day at the garden. The date goes so well and they have a lot of chemistry that ends up heating up at his place over ice cream sundaes.
Will Elle let Liam into her and Ruby's life? Will Liam get what he envisions - a life with Elle and Ruby and a baby of their own?
This is a really fun and sweet story with a bit of OTT but still believable story-line and characters. I really loved little matchmaker Ruby who is smart, friendly and cute as a button.

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