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Marrying Max (Dirty Sweet Alphas 4)

Marrying Max (Dirty Sweet Alphas 4)

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35 page ebook

How much of a mess is my life right now? Let me count the ways: I don’t have a career, I don’t have a boyfriend, my diet is a mess, and I’m always running late.
When my tire blows out one afternoon on the highway, I’m not even surprised. It’s just the way my life goes.
But then a sizzling-hot stranger rescues me—and offers me more than just a helping hand. I’ve never felt so protected or desired by anyone before.
There’s no way this guy is for real, right?

I pull over to help the woman on the shoulder of the highway because it’s the right thing to do.
But now that I’ve met her, I want to cherish and care for this curvy beauty for the rest of my life.
Lindsay thinks she’s too much of a mess for me, though. She doesn’t believe me when I tell her she’s perfect the way she is.
I’m not going to give up, though.
Even if it means sacrificing everything for her.

MARRYING MAX is a short instalove romance with steam, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after! This book can be read as a standalone, but is best enjoyed with the rest of the Dirty Sweet Alphas series.

Tropes in this book

- Alpha male
- Curvy heroine
- Instalove

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Customer Reviews

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Max and Lindsay

This is book number 4 of the Dirty Sweet Alphas series and focuses on Max and Lindsay. Lindsay is the last single person of her friend group and is still trying to get her life together. Her life feels like it’s a hot mess no matter how much she tries for it not to be. With her luck, she blew a tire on the way to Liam and Ella’s son's birthday party. Little does she know that what she considered an unlucky moment ended up bringing Max into her life. They had an instant, undeniable attraction and connection. After helping her out with her tire, she invites him along to the party before going out on a real date, which leads to starting a beautiful relationship. I absolutely loved Max and Lindsay together. They balanced each other out so perfectly! They were exactly what the other person was needing in life. This was a great story and a great end to the series.

Max loves her just as she is.

Lindsay is the last of four best friends to find her man. She feels like she will never find a man who will love her because her life is a mess. She is constantly late, her diet is a mess and she changes jobs every few months. How could anyone take her seriously? Then one night her car blows a tire. While she is trying to be independent and fix it herself, a hot stranger comes by and offers to help. When offers her more than just a helping hand, Lindsay is afraid to accept because no one could love a mess like her.

One blown tire later and she ends up with her forever

Marrying Max is the fourth and final book in the Dirty Sweet Alphas series and this time it is the story of Lindsay and Max. Lindsay is a young woman that I would say is still trying to figure out her life. She is the last of the four best friends who is not married and having babies. She has had ten different jobs in the last five years, is perpetually late to everything, something is always happening to her in her life and she has not been able to find anyone that she wants to date. When she is on her way to Elle and Liam's house for Grayson's first birthday party, their youngest son, one of her tires blows out. While she is on the side of the road changing it a car pulls up behind her and a deep and husky man's voice says "Hey, you okay?". When she looks up what she sees takes her breath and stuns her..........Sweet Jesus!!! He asks if he can help her but Lindsay is more than capable of doing it herself. But he is not going anywhere and stands there watching her the whole time until she is finished. She does a great job of changing the tire but he points out that the spare is underinflated and proceeds to call for road side assistance. While they wait in his car the talk and get to know each other a bit. Since he will not let her pay for the assistance call she offers to take him to dinner which he partially refuses as he wants to take her out for dinner. So they agree to that but also that he is going to the birthday party with her. All of the ladies and their husbands are there and he is introduced to them all which results in Aurora, Marissa and Elle are giving her "the look". You know that one that a girl friend will give you when she thinks your date is hot. After the party they take a walk and then head to dinner where they proceed to talk the entire night away. Max gives her a sweet kiss goodnight but also ensures they are going on a second date which results in a bad movie but sharing some pie afterwards. The third date that week has Max making Lindsay dinner with some nice dessert on the couch and then naked bedroom gymnastics for the rest of the night.
Max is a real nice guy. He is well employed, I am guessing a lawyer or something like that, originates from Chicago and wants a family, with no hesitation in saying yes to that when Lindsay asked if he wants kids. He recognizes that Lindsay is a gem even when she is a bit of a tornado and things are happening. He likes her just for her - no matter where she works, thinks her curvy body is just perfect, her generous spirit and so on. The man just likes her for her and he has had flashes of being her husband and them having a family together. He wants to spoil her, take care of her, support her and so much more.
I really enjoyed reading this last story in the series. It is just like the others in that it is well written, has an interesting story-line, great characters, is funny, witty, sweet and has more than a bit of hot and steamy dirty times. The bonus is the last Epilogue which tells the reader what has happened to each of the four best friends, their husbands and children. These ladies will remain best friends for life no matter what even if they do not see each other daily.

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