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Pralines and Mistletoe

Pralines and Mistletoe

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37 page ebook

I never expected to meet the man of my dreams through a dating app, but that’s exactly what happened.
Josh is a hot older guy, and I’m totally crazy about him.
After months of talking, we’re finally going to meet in person—and we’ve decided to do it in New Orleans during the holidays.
Sounds perfectly romantic, right?
Only thing is…I’m worried he’s going to be disappointed. I’m nervous that I’m not going to live up to his expectations.
Is this Christmas going to end in heartbreak?
Or will we get the happily ever after I’ve been daydreaming of?

This book was originally published as part of A Cajun Christmas, a multi-author romance series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone!

Tropes in this book

- Christmas romance
- Age gap
- Alpha male
- Curvy heroine

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Customer Reviews

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Josh and Alana

This book is a part of the A Cajun Christmas series and focuses on Josh and Alana. Josh and Alana met on a dating app 3 months prior and had been falling for each other since their first interaction. For Christmas, they decided to meet for the first time in New Orleans and spend part of the holiday together. The more time they spent together, the harder they fell for each other and solidified that they had met the person for them. Alana struggles a bit with feeling self-conscious with her body but Josh was there to reassure her that he loved every part of her. This was a great story! I absolutely loved Josh and Alana together.

They met on an app but could this be forever love?

Alana is nervous because she is finally going to meet Josh, a man she met on a dating app. They have been emailing and video chatting for three months and she feels deeply for him. Now it is just a few days before Christmas and they plan to meet at a hotel in New Orleans. Will Josh still like her in person?

Josh is older and more experienced but his feelings for Alana run deep. He would like to claim her for his own but Alana seems to having problems with getting too intimate too soon.

Who knew New Orleans was the place to be for Christmas?

Loved this book for so many reasons! First, this love story resonates with me for not only the surreal online dating experience but also the feelings of self consciousness that often go with extra curves. Josh just happens to be this super incredible guy who loves Alana’s curves and has fallen hard and fast for her as well.
An added surprise was the thought of Christmas in NOLA! That is a new one on me and it really sounds intriguing!

A magical Christmas in New Orleans

Pralines and Mistletoe by Kate Hunt is the third book in the multi-author A Cajun Christmas series. This is an older man/younger woman Christmas romance story about Alana and Josh.
Alana is twenty-five years old and has traveled for the first time from her home in Southern California to New Orleans a few days before Christmas to meet a man. That would specifically Josh, a man she met after downloading a dating app one night on a whim. She has never been successful with men or relationships before so she was not expecting find a man online either. So she was more than surprised when a few days after creating her profile she was messaged by an incredibly handsome and older man. At first she thought it was a joke but it quickly became apparent that Josh was real and they it was not joke. For the last three months they have messaged, video chatted and emailed, getting to know each other quite well.
Josh is almost forty years old, works in finance and is still unmarried. His younger sister Clare has been after him about about being unmarried still and was trying to get him to download a dating app. He almost didn't but then gave in, as he wasn't set on remaining single for the rest of his life. When he first saw Alana's profile he was immediately drawn to the beautiful younger woman. He loved her profile and messaged her right away. They kept messaging back and forth for a few days before they moved to texting and then video chat. A few months in and he knew he has fallen for her and she was the one for him. So when she said she wanted to meet he was more than happy to and then New Orleans came up. So they were to spend a few days before Christmas and then Christmas morning together, before both flying home to spend the rest of Christmas with their families.
As they spend the next few days together they walk around the city, exploring, eating, listening to music and enjoying themselves, along with getting to know each other better. Things go well but they do not fall into bed together or even do much else but share a kiss on their first night and then hold hands. Josh does not want to cross any lines or push Alana so he decides that she will have to ask him, and he is willing to wait as long as it takes even as he is constantly turned on. Alana is a beautiful young woman who is curvy and self conscious of it. She does not have a lot of self confidence around her body image and is concerned that if Josh feels her or sees her that he will not want her. What she does not realize is that to him she is perfect in every way and he only wants to make her happy.

This is a charming and sexy short story that is well written. The story-line is interesting and had a lot of great "color" about New Orleans. The characters are nicely developed and have a depth which shows their insecurities and raw emotions. I really loved this story and would recommend it to other readers.

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