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Son of a Beach

Son of a Beach

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50 page ebook

I’m thrilled when my editor sends me to a dreamy tropical island to write a feature story for the travel magazine I work for.
Then I find out that Travis Cox, a rival writer who is lavished with undeserved praise and spends his travels chasing tail, is on the exact same assignment.
Worse, we’re staying in the same hotel... adjoining freakin’ rooms.
I’m not going to let Travis ruin this assignment for me, though.
And I’m definitely not going to let those stupidly perfect abs of his distract me while we’re here.
Fall for Travis? Are you kidding me?
That won’t happen in a million years.
Dear Reader,
This short enemies-to-lovers instalove romance is full of sunshine, sweetness, and steam...and has a happily ever after, of course!
xo, Kate
This book was originally published as part of Insta Love Island, a multi-author series of short and bootylicious romances, all set on the hottest tropical island in the Caribbean. It can be enjoyed as a standalone!

Tropes in this book

- Enemies to lovers
- Alpha male
- Curvy heroine

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WARNING: Kate Hunt books are steamy romances that contain explicit content intended for adults.

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Customer Reviews

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Celebrating a fake anniversary cracks that door wide open

Son of a Beach by Kate Hunt is the eighth book in the Insta Love Island series where each book is by a different author. This book is the story of Bree Lyons and Travis Cox.
At twenty-five Bree has accomplished her dream of becoming a travel writer for a magazine. He life might not be completely perfect as her love life is non-existent and she still wants to accomplish a lot more in her career but things are still good. She is sent to Pole Island to write an article for the magazine. Cashing in some of her miles she has upgraded herself to first class and has settled back in her seat with a glass of champagne for a trip she is confident will give her a unique article. When she looks up and sees a man putting his luggage in an overhead bin at the front of the plane she recognizes him and it is not someone she wants to see, Travis Cox.
Travis is a travel writer who is on his way to Pole Island to write an article for his travel magazine. He has done well in his career including winning awards and experience things that he has enjoyed. As he boards his flight and wrestles with getting his luggage into the overhead bin he glimpses a beautiful women who was sitting in his row and thought to himself, oh you lucky sob. Then as he recognized the woman he thought he was really lucky as it was Bree Lyons.
Bree and Travis are about to find out just how small Pole Island actually is during their trips. But they will also find out that maybe only a locked door can be unlocked with some truths.

This is a cute, sweet, funny, romantic, witty, delightful and sexy hot short story. I loved both Bree and Travis as they are great characters separate but when they interact, or try not to as the case may by, it was funny to read. This is another great story by Kate Hunt and in this series.

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